Time, Experience, Knowledge

The current commercial real estate problems may have started only a few years ago, but it takes years of knowledge to find and employ the correct solution for each individual situation.

Returns are made at the time a real estate deal is purchased not at the point of sale.

True Value
We assess the value of a given asset based on its entirety, not whether the cap rate is in the current acceptable range.

What's Good
Some distressed commercial real estate assets are never coming back. Through our years of experience, we are able to discern the difference.

Target Market
Institutional buyers are missing a large and important sector of the commercial real estate market that we are targeting.

Private Owners
We are working with private real estate owners who are under more distress than their assets.

Tangible Assets
Commercial real estate offers a tangible asset, uncorrelated with equity and bond markets, and valuable tax incentives from accelerated depreciation to mortgage interest.

Take Advantage

There is a lack of adequate capital in the traditionally private commercial real estate market.

Combining financing difficulties, lack of capital, and the excessive leverage and reckless pricing of the mid 2000's provides a generational opportunity for Alpha generation.